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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you do condos/residential? Yes
2. Do you do construction clean-ups? Yes
3. Do you steam clean carpet? Yes
4. Can you spot clean carpets or upholstery chairs/sofa? Yes
5. What kind of chemicals do you use? All our products are WHMIS & MSDS (Material & Safety Data Sheet) approved.  These products are not harmful to the environment.  We also use Green products to buildings that are applicable.
6. Are they environmentally friendly/allergy free? Yes
7. Can you use non-toxic smell free bleach? Yes
8. How often do you disinfect the toilet/urinals? Daily
9. Can you clean clinics/medical facilities? Yes, we are currently servicing a number of medical and mixed-use buildings with various medical practitioners as tenants.
10. How is your staff being trained? All our crews are WHMIS trained.
11. Can you customize your services? Yes, we cater & customize to the specific and individual needs of various buildings and tenants.
12. How soon can this be done? Most of our services are usually done within 24 hours.
13. Can you polish elevators doors? Yes
14. Do you clean computers/laptop/keyboards? No, we are aware of sensitive information/technology and cleaning computer equipment could lead to loss of data.
15. Can you recycle for us? Do you do recyling? Yes, we do. Spectrum is an environmentally friendly firm that supports and encourages recycling.
16. How do you clean charcoal spots on the carpet from the fireplace? It'll need to be vacuumed first then sprayed with a spot cleaner & lift the blotch with a clean non-colored cloth or paper towel.
17. Can you do renovation clean-up? Yes
18. Can you clear/pick-up leaves? Yes
19. Do you  do snow removal? Yes, we salt and defreeze pavements, building plaza and outdoor parking lots.
20. Do you clean blinds? Yes
21. How do you clean the telephone keypads? We disinfect telephone speaker and keypads.
22. Do you service scrapper/door mats? Yes
23. What does your cleaning services involved? Spectrum is a full service professional cleaning provider.
24. What can you clean/cannot clean? We provide emergency response and our equipments are the most up to date that are available on the market.  We are equipped with "Taski Vento" Advance Floor Machine Vacuums and Scrubbers.  We also provides Power and Pressure Wash.  We do not provide cleaning to exterior windows.
25. What can you do with the restaurants/food courts grease? It'll be degreased and power wash.

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