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Silver Jubilee Anniversary

2013 is the superb Silver Jubilee Anniversary of Spectrum Management Ltd!

We would like to express sincere thanks to our clients who have been very supportive throughout these years and our great appreciation to staff for their diligence and dedication to the Company.

Management Reshuffle - January 2013

After 7 years of services with the Company, Ms. Gina Lee, former Manager, Customer Relations, left in January 2013 and her successor, Mr. Desmond Duong, joined the Management Team.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Gina for her contributions to the Company during her term of services and wish her every success in her future business endeavors.

Winter/Chinese New Year Celebration 2011

Together with their families, our new and veteran cleaning staff celebrated winter and the year of the Rabbit on Sunday, February 6th with a sumptuous
lunch buffet and the highlight was the lucky draw with many exciting prizes!
The top prize was a cool iPad!

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